River Cottage Antiques web desigh

Our client

Shelly was born into her family’s antiques business. She spent a decade in the upholstery trade before starting her own antiques business more than 20 years ago, painting and restoring antique furniture.

Client location

Leominster, Herefordshire

Client industry

Antique Restoration


The challenge

When Shelly came to us she was already selling online at quite a rate but wanted her own online home. She knew it would give her business credibility and more control over sales. 

Expertise applied

Strategy and planning – Goal setting – Photography advice – WordPress training and cheat sheets

The solution

We devised a clean catalogue-style layout so she could share her show-stopping pieces alongside an enquiries form. Shelly reports that customers find it easy to use and that she’s making sales with very little marketing.

"Danielle and Anthony have designed a website for me. It has far surpassed my expectations. They are both so kind and caring and walked me through every step. I’m not very technologically minded person so I was nervous to approach website design people. But I had no need to worry because they were patient and so kind with me. They are so very passionate about their work and worked on my project until it was perfect. I got some great business ideas from them and some great tips on photography. I’m going to recommend them to everyone I know. Wonderful value for the money. I’m definitely going to stay friends with them too."
Shelly Little, River Cottage Antiques, Leominster

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