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Is your current website working for you? Ours wasn’t.

We launched in 2018 and our website was our first project for Lodge. A friend created a mini brand for us and we built a clean looking, fairly simple site for the business. Pages were optimised for our keywords and phrases and we were soon ranking well on Google. Job done, we got busy building websites for clients and left our website to tick over.

In the following months, the website generated little to no work. It didn’t convert traffic. Thankfully we remained busy thanks to word of mouth and social media.

This was a case of us not practising what we preach! Hindsight is 20/20 and there are essential lessons to be learned here that can benefit any website including yours.

Does your website reflect your identity?

Working together as husband and wife has turned out to be brilliant and the office is a happy place. Client meetings are fun and productive, often charged and exciting. The client relationships we build are really rewarding.

No sense of that was conveyed on the old site. With just a small headshot and bio for both of us, prospective clients got no sense of what working with us might be like. With artwork provided by stock photography, the website could have represented anyone.

Customers really like to get a sense of a business before they commit to work with or buy from them. It can be uncomfortable but the more you can put yourself out there honestly, the more confidence people will have in your website and business.

Does the aesthetic match the ethos?

The aesthetic for a funeral director’s website design needs a different look to that of a nursery school. Before Lodge, Danielle worked in a corporate space and I worked in technical roles. We based the look and feel of our site on what was comfortable and familiar. In whites, greys and reds it looked corporate and serious. There isn’t much grey and corporate about our lives these days!

Consider your audience and their needs

Back then, we didn’t yet know what shape exactly our business would take and only a vague idea of who our customers would be. We’ve come to realise that our ideal customers are small businesses just like us. We’re the right size to understand their challenges and deliver at a scale and price that suits. It’s been on the list for a while now to update our site to share who we work with and why we are a good fit for them.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid making your website too focused on “we-we”. Instead of “We do this…” and “We do that…”, explain how your products and services will solve a client’s challenge or pain point, or brings them something they need and will enjoy.

Address objection points

Our old website design had plenty of visitors but few of them picked up the phone. This often happens when you don’t address questions that potential customers might have.

It’s important to identify and address potential questions a visitor might have and make the answers easy to find. The more stumbling blocks you remove in advance, the more likely they are to get in touch.

In conclusion

We love our new website and brand. We treated the project just as we would for a client and gave careful consideration to all of the above. The end result will serve us much better and we have scheduled reviews to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose.

If you’d like us to cast a critical eye over your existing website and see where it might be underperforming, ask us to perform our free website audit. And if you’d like to talk to us about a brand new website design for your small business, please contact us.

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