Template restyle

Looking for a fabulous website without the cost of a bespoke design? You could be just starting out in business or you might be on a deadline. Our template restyle is just the thing.

Template restyle


Have you been on a search for a web designer who can create a professional and polished website that won’t cost the earth? 

Choose the template restyle below that best suits your business, log into our online portal, send us your content and we’ll build it for you quickly and efficiently.

If you’re not technical, this is for you. It could be you’ve been struggling with a template or a DIY website builder. Or maybe you’re just starting out and need a quality website quickly.

Want to build traffic and engagement with a blog? Simply email a blog to us as often as you like and we’ll make it look fantastic. 

Enquire about a template restyle

What’s included

  • Up to six pages
  • Optional blog or news page
  • Free stock photography
  • Based on our template but customised for your business

After go-live

Everything you need for £20/month: 

  • Fast secure hosting
  • Email
  • Technical maintenance
  • Software updates 
  • Wording and image updates 
  • Annual .co.uk domain name

Want a bespoke service instead? Visit our web design or ecommerce pages.

How it works

1. Choose your template

We offer two options of template, Mirabelle or Bradshaw.

2. Load your wording and images to our online portal

We'll send you login details for our online portal and you'll load your wording and images there. If you have one, you can also send us your logo. Once we have these, we can build your site. Don't have time to write it? For a fee, we can do it for you.

3. The restyle

Once we have all your content, we'll add your wording, images and logo and colours to our template to make your new site. In a rush? We can turn it around in seven days.

4. It's live

Once your site is live, we'll host your site on super-fast SSD hosting, provide your .co.uk domain name and email, manage backups, security, technical maintenance as well as wording and image updates all for £20/month. No technical knowledge is needed to keep your website current. Just email or ring us and we'll quickly make the changes for you.


In a template restyle, you’ll get a 6-page professional website that works on desktop and mobile without all the hassle of building it yourself. It also includes a blog if you want one.

We build in WordPress. It’s the industry standard, the most popular for building websites. We also use the Elementor page builder software.

You’ll always know your product or service better than anyone, so you’re the best person to write your website wording. For a fee, we can polish and clarify wording or even undertake the writing completely.

We can source stock images for your template restyle.

We have included lots of sections to give our clients flexibility. If some sections don’t apply to your business, we can delete them. If some rebalancing of the page is needed after these sections are taken out, we will do that for you.

We’ll give you a login to an online form to give us all your content including wording, images and logo if you have one. A printable pdf checklist is also available if you prefer. Once we have your wording and images, typically you’ll be live within a week.

For £20/month, we include your .co.uk website domain name, fast and secure hosting, email, wording and image updates, software updates, backups and performance checks. This stands for as long as the website is live.

While ecommerce sites aren’t available with a template restyle, we use WordPress and Woocommerce to build sites that sell online. Check out our ecommerce websites page.

Yes! We are developing more templates. If you have any requests for styles or features you’d like to see in the new templates, please email us