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Ranking organically on Google as a small business in a competitive market can be a long and challenging prospect. If you’re the only violin shop in the county, there’s a good chance your site will rank well. However, if you’re a player in a busy market, the work involved in ranking organically might not make financial sense.

Why not pay to jump the queue with PPC? Enjoy the advantages of instant results, targeted campaigns and a flexible budget.

Lodge Digital conceives and manages paid Google Ads campaigns. This includes

  • identifying niches
  • defining keyword strategies
  • differential testing
  • monitoring and
  • reporting

Too technical? We make sure your ads are reaching the right sort of people and get you the most bang for your buck. 

Case study

One of our Google Ads clients David Waddams produces various types of plans for submission to the Land Registry often required when buying, selling or leasing property. This includes providing Land Registry compliant lease plans.

David was spending money every month on Google Ads with a national PPC supplier (think bellow rages). Despite his best efforts, he largely received enquiries about car and van leases and his budget never lasted the month.

Now with Lodge Digital, he’s spending less and getting the right sort of leads for his business.

I approached Lodge Digital following a recommendation with the brief to revamp the David Waddams website to generate new business. The national supplier who was hosting my website and supporting the Google PPC (pay per click) ad campaign was proving very unsatisfactory with a poorly built site, regular dedicated account manager changes and their suggested improvements to the ad campaign still attracting the wrong enquiries.

Lodge Digital reworked and now host my website. They have been proactive in suggesting and implementing ways to improve the Google PPC ad campaign. When Covid-19 arrived in the UK, my business had to move to an online only nationwide offering. The increased business currently being generated is a direct result from Lodge Digital’s work. I look forward to continued success with them.

I highly recommend.

David Waddams

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Investing in a well-managed pay per click campaign with us will mean more eyes on your website and leads for your business.

We work closely with you to make sure the ads are targeted correctly and constantly compare and adapt to ensure the best return.

Get in touch to see if a paid ad campaign could make your business more money.

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